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Shrine update, don't pop the balloon

Stream of ConsciousnessPosted by Rick 2008-10-12 05:27AM

The makeshift Market Meltdown Shrine has been altered and it doesn't bode well. The Giant Banana that I had dressed in baby and doll clothes was stripped bare. This was no easy task as the clothes were actually pulled onto the banana and wrapped with a coiled bicycle lock to the steel downtrend sign. Someone managed to leave the banana undressed but still coiled. This tells me that the markets still haven't found their bottom. In a true capitulation someone would have peeled the banana and eaten the stuffing. Monday might be another selloff but another way to look at it is the banana is still ripning. I hope someone eats it before it falls much more.

Speaking of Fall, Eva and I walked up to Kronobergs Parken and were treated to an amazing display of color. The park is also a good option if you want to watch dogs drop turds or kids scream. Somehow on the way a purple balloon blew into my arms. Some hidden meaning I haven't connected yet. I carried the balloon for close to an hour before I spotted a small girl out of the corner of my eye running towards me and nearly into traffic. She was mesmerized obviously by the maniac with the balloon so I calmed her mother and explained that Purple Balloons just look like balloons to dogs because they are color blind. She was amazed, she didn't know. I gave the gasbag to the little girl and warned her that it could pop and then it wouldn't look like a balloon anymore. She didn't care, she was busy talking to it.

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Talk about gasbags.

This is my first October in Sweden in 25 years so I've never had the experience of the almost liquid color of the Maple trees. It's saturated and the light is so pure.

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Posted by Elisa 2008-10-17 07:13AM

One of my best and oldest friends is Birgitta (although it's a Swedish name she's Danish). Her family lives near a kind of lake from where Copenhage gets drinking water. In my first visit to Denmark (more than 25 years ago), we went for a walk to a forest near the lake, and you can imagine how special was for me to see the sun getting through those tall trees I had never seen before. (I'm Spanish, have been born and live in Southern Spain).

Some years later, I went to Kalmar to visit Laila (my Swedish friend). We went for a walk just to enjoy the same view. (Laila was taken aback when I went absolutely beserk about it).

Thanks for the picture.