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You Have To Finish

Stream of ConsciousnessPosted by Rick 2008-10-22 01:45PM
I shaved again this evening. Twice in six months and I didn't miss it. The only good thing about it is it feels good against Eva's skin and Isabel says I look ten years younger. In my career as an actor I would shave at work in a make-up trailer running lines with other actors as their hair and make-up was in the works. That's the feeling I've had the last week and Izzy's Flat has been that trailer. Call time 7:30. Lights,camera,action!!

Hats of to L T Golv. This team knows how to finish. The boys who can lay a floor on a wall and do it in style. Leif did a great job on Roy's lägenhet (apartment) a couple years back. This time the team got us across the finish line in just a few days. Samy led the charge in the shower stall bending floor material around bullnose corners that I shaved for him. 3/4 inch bullnose which is a tight radius inside and out. Minimum seams and surface as flat as a stone. He knows his stuff. Micke was in and out with material and scheduling and a few of the other boys put in a day here and there. These guys work together and make it a pleasure to be in their company. Today Fredrick sanded all the floors in the Flat. Living/bedroom, hall, kitchen in record time. After a fuse delayed start he ran the whole table. Great guy, great attitude. Again a pleasure to work with craftsmen who know their stuff and enjoy doing it right. Eva went right to work and bleached the floors white and will soap them tomorrow. It change the whole vibe of the apartment and now I feel like were over the hump. Hasse will connect the pipes on Friday after I finish paint. I completed plastering the bathroom this evening after a long stroll with Eva.

We walked down to Stadshuset, the giant red brick City Hall of Stockholm. It has over 8 million bricks in it and is a wonder of the world. Built in 1911 and smack on the water with a beautiful view of the city. It was a perfect Fall evening and a great way to finish a productive day.

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Posted by Elisa 2008-10-24 06:38AM

When you throw a stone in a lake, it produces circles becoming bigger and bigger , getting further and further. The same happens when you write, words have echo.
I love writing (I have just published my third book) but lately I have no time to do so as I have just started my own business.
I have a special friend who also likes writing but has cancer. I feel guilty I haven’t got more time to spend with him. He sends me his stories asking for my feed back, calling my attention. But I couldn’t think of anything worthy to answer him.
The other day, after reading you, I got a message from him and I suddenly realised I was inspired, I found it was easy to write. I sent him a nice message I was sure was going to make him feel missed, loved and remembered. A couple of days later, he called to tell me my message was "muy bonito" and to invite me for dinner. It was a special night, really special. Thanks for throwing the stone in the lake.