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Fly Away Home

Stream of ConsciousnessPosted by Rick 2008-11-02 02:00PM
Traveling back to California to vote for Barrack Obama and hopefully some change in our society. Some civility at least, we hope. Enough said.

Saw that my domain, www.rickrossovich.com was for sale for 997 dollars. Sounds like too much to me. You can go to www.rickrosovich.de and see what some German fellow has built around me for whatever reason. Is it advertising? I'm not writing this for any other reason other than to record my thoughts and images over this next year. Maybe I'll stop sooner than later…

I removed the option of commenting so no one can. I'm not writing for that reason, to get feedback or b.s. or applause. I've told maybe six people about this and that's enough. Somehow it's listed on the German website, who knows how. It's all an experiment.

We've been sleeping in Izzy's kitchen for a month now and it's been fun but we gotta run. Roy has inspired me to re-connect somehow with imaging. Making images that is, I imagine and then presto create an image. Eva helped him this evening stretch a large canvas in his studio. Isabel made a costume for Halloween as well that was quite a project. A Disney/Arab Princess do. Turned out well. She can sew which is right up there with cutting hair. Useful talents that keep rewarding your pocketbook.

I'll post from California, I know the Governor there, he squeezed my ass once on a movie set. I'll explain later.

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